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Rick and Morty: “Conspiracy Theories” You Need to Know – Are They True?!

An eye-catching wallpaper depicting Rick and Morty, the popular animated characters, being teleported to a parallel universe.

“Rick and Morty,” the cult-favorite animated sci-fi series created by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, is known for its intelligent humor, mind-bending plotlines, and, of course, its fervent fanbase. But what truly sets the show apart are the countless conspiracy theories that have sprung up around it. From hidden messages to deeper meanings, fans have concocted a wide array of theories about the show’s universe. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the most intriguing “Rick and Morty” conspiracy theories and ponder the question: Are they true?

The Multiverse Theory

At the core of “Rick and Morty” is the concept of the multiverse, where countless alternate realities exist parallel to our own. Rick Sanchez, the brilliant but erratic scientist, uses his portal gun to traverse these dimensions, setting the stage for the show’s bizarre adventures. One of the most prominent conspiracy theories surrounding the show is the idea that the “Rick and Morty” multiverse mirrors our own.

While it’s unlikely that an actual multiverse exists, the show does cleverly draw on theoretical physics and the idea of infinite possibilities. Fans argue that each episode could potentially represent an alternate reality, allowing for infinite storylines and interpretations. While this theory isn’t confirmed by the creators, it’s a compelling way to view the show’s episodic nature.

Evil Morty’s True Identity

Evil Morty, introduced in the episode “Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind,” has become a fan-favorite character due to his enigmatic nature and hidden motives. One of the most enduring conspiracy theories revolves around Evil Morty’s true identity.

Some fans believe that Evil Morty is actually the original Morty from Rick’s dimension, who turned evil after being exposed to the morally ambiguous adventures with Rick. This theory suggests that Evil Morty’s quest to dismantle the Council of Ricks is driven by a desire to eliminate other Ricks who could lead their Mortys down a similar dark path. While this theory adds depth to the character, it remains speculative.

A visually captivating wallpaper inspired by the world of "Rick and Morty."

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The True Nature of Rick’s Intelligence

Rick’s intelligence is unparalleled in the “Rick and Morty” universe, but the show rarely delves into the origins of his brilliance. A popular conspiracy theory proposes that Rick’s high level of intelligence is not entirely his own but is, in fact, enhanced by cybernetic implants or alien technology.

This theory speculates that Rick might be a former test subject of a powerful alien civilization or government agency. Such an explanation would account for his vast knowledge, technological prowess, and the ease with which he navigates the multiverse. While this theory adds a layer of mystery to Rick’s character, the show hasn’t explicitly confirmed or denied it.

The Hidden Meaning of Szechuan Sauce

In the Season 3 premiere, “The Rickshank Rickdemption,” Rick goes on a rant about his desire for McDonald’s Szechuan sauce, a limited-time promotion from the late 1990s. This seemingly random subplot led to a real-world frenzy, with fans demanding the return of the sauce.

Some conspiracy theorists speculate that the Szechuan sauce represents something deeper within the show. They believe it might be a metaphor for Rick’s insatiable quest for meaning and happiness, suggesting that his obsession with the sauce is a reflection of his inability to find true contentment in his life. While this theory adds a layer of symbolism to the show, it’s essential to remember that it could simply be a humorous subplot meant for comedic effect.

A humorous image featuring Rick and a container of Szechuan Sauce from the TV series "Rick and Morty."

The Harmonious Universe Theory

“Rick and Morty” co-creator Dan Harmon is known for his story structure theory called the “Story Circle,” which provides a template for creating compelling narratives. Some fans have extended this theory to the show itself, proposing that the entire series follows the structure of the Story Circle.

According to this conspiracy theory, each episode of “Rick and Morty” can be analyzed to fit Harmon’s Story Circle, suggesting that the show’s creators intentionally follow this structure to craft their episodes. While it’s evident that the show’s writing is well-structured, the extent to which it adheres to Harmon’s theory is up for debate. Whether intentional or not, the show’s adherence to a narrative structure is one of the reasons it resonates so strongly with viewers.

The True Nature of Morty’s Character Development

Morty’s character arc throughout “Rick and Morty” is a central theme of the show. From being a timid and naive teenager, he gradually becomes more assertive and experienced in navigating the dangers of the multiverse. Some conspiracy theorists argue that Morty’s character development might have a hidden purpose.

The theory suggests that Morty is being groomed by Rick to eventually replace him as the smartest person in the multiverse. This would involve Morty becoming increasingly cynical, morally ambiguous, and detached from the consequences of his actions, mirroring Rick’s own character traits. While this theory offers an interesting perspective on Morty’s growth, it’s important to consider that character development in the show can also be seen as a reflection of the harsh realities of their adventures.

“Rick and Morty” is a show that thrives on complexity and ambiguity, making it fertile ground for conspiracy theories and fan speculation. While some of these theories add depth and intrigue to the show’s narrative, it’s essential to remember that they are, by nature, speculative and open to interpretation. Whether or not these theories hold any truth, they certainly contribute to the show’s enduring appeal, sparking discussions and debates among fans worldwide. Ultimately, the beauty of “Rick and Morty” lies in its ability to keep viewers guessing and questioning the boundaries of reality and fiction.

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Last modified: October 16, 2023