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Expanding John Wick Universe: New Projects to be Announced Soon!

John Wick 5

“John Wick” is an action thriller film directed by Chad Stahelski and released in 2014. The movie stars Keanu Reeves as the title character, a retired hitman who seeks vengeance against the Russian gangsters who killed his beloved dog and stole his prized car. Wick, a legendary assassin known as “The Boogeyman,” returns to his former life of violence and mayhem to exact his revenge. Along the way, he confronts old enemies and makes new allies, all while unleashing his deadly skills on anyone who gets in his way. “John Wick” has become a popular and influential franchise, known for its stylish action sequences and intense violence.

The John Wick universe is continuing to expand. Producer Erica Lee announced that they are preparing to unveil a new adventure in the coming months.

Despite nine years passing since the release of the first film, the John Wick universe continues to bring new life into the action genre with every movie. With impressive set designs and non-stop action, Keanu Reeves‘ leading role has made the series a favorite among viewers. Following the success of the fourth installment, which was praised by critics, Lionsgate Studios is determined to expand the universe with new projects.

Erica Lee, who was in the producer seat of the Wick movies, confirmed that they are currently working on a movie that takes place in the same universe and whose name is not yet known. Lee said in an interview that the project will be announced soon:

“There is another film that we’re developing that I think we’ll be announcing in the next, say, month or two,” she said. “Then, I’m hopeful there’s a Ballerina 2, and John Wick 5, and lots of other things. But we’re developing a lot of stuff and having a lot of discussions with a lot of writers and brand management and [the] Wick universe is my utmost priority.”

New Projects in the Works for John Wick Universe

John Wick, a man with short black hair, wearing a black suit, stands in the rain, with water droplets visible on his clothing and face.

Fans of the John Wick series are speculating that the unnamed project may continue the story of the trouble between Akira and Caine that was teased at the end of the fourth film. Meanwhile, Lee’s mention of “Ballerina 2” raises the question of whether the upcoming project will be part of the Ballerina series. There is also curiosity about what project Lee will embark on for “John Wick 5” following the conclusion of the fourth film.

Regardless, it seems that the future will be busy for the John Wick universe. The Ballerina film, directed by Len Wiseman and starring Ana de Armas in the lead role, will be released in 2024 and will differ from the Wick films. The three-part mini-series, “The Continental,” will take viewers back to the roots of the universe and will be available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

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“John Wick: Chapter 4” has received positive reviews from audiences, with a 95% score on Rotten Tomatoes, and critics are calling it the best action film of the franchise so far.

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Last modified: September 24, 2023